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Places That Post No Weapons Signs
May 18, 2004

There have been some businesses that have chosen to Post signs barring Concealed Carry from their premises.  We will have posted on the web site soon a special downloadable gift for those places,'s "No Guns, No Money" business cards.  The front of the card has a "No Guns, No Money" emblem and says, "We have noticed your sign, and will respect your wishes by doing business elsewhere."  Please give this gift that keeps on giving to any business that Posts.  How many do you think they will get before they get the message?

In Other News...
May 18, 2004

Today, I am being interviewed on National Public Radio (NPR) on the shift in rural America from Liberal to Conservative values.  The journalist who called to set up the interview said Missouri is a bellwether state in the national elections this fall, and that Boone (where I live) and Howard Counties have been moving to the Right.  We will discuss the political ramifications of that, and how the LTC issue will affect the election outcome.  The interview is being taped today for broadcast later.  I will send out another LTC News Update when I find out when it will air.

Learn To Carry, LLC has an Advanced 2-day course scheduled for Ozark Shooters over the Memorial Day Weekend, May 29th & 30th.  We also have the Basic LTC Course, which meets the training requirements of the LTC Law, scheduled for Ozark on June 6th & 19th, and July 10th & 25th.  In addition, there will be Basic LTC Courses in central Missouri at Cedar Creek Rod & Gun Club on June 4th & 21st, and July 7th & 23rd.  More courses will be added when reservations for those dates close.  Class size is limited; check here for full details.

AG Nixon Says Take Applications
May 18, 2004

In an AP story yesterday, Missouri Attorney General Jay Nixon changed his recommendation to sheriffs about taking LTC Permit Applications:


Associated Press Writer

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. (AP) - Driver's licenses are no longer just for height, weight, hair color, eye color and birthday.

[Snipped to the last three paragraphs...]

Attorney General Jay Nixon had been recommending that sheriffs not consider applications until the Legislature passed legislation to correct the funding problem, but lawmakers adjourned their annual session Friday without acting on the issue.  Nixon said Monday he is now recommending that sheriffs accept applications.

"Regardless of whether the Legislature acts or not, the Supreme Court said that conceal and carry is constitutional in Missouri," Nixon said.

Sheriffs probably should not charge the full $100 allowed by law, Nixon said.  Instead, they should charge applicants based on the actual expenses of issuing the permits, he said.

This is GREAT news indeed!  AG Nixon is telling those sheriffs in the 30 counties and the City of St. Louis that are not yet taking applications to get started.  84 Counties are now accepting LTC Permit Applications and processing background checks.  Through Friday, May 14, 2004, there had been 6201 sets of fingerprints received by the Missouri Highway Patrol's Criminal Records Division.  (Check the MO LTC Map to see which counties are already taking applications.)

Two months ago, in an LTC News Update, I predicted that by May 15th, 70-80% of Missouri counties would be taking applications and issuing permits.  If you do the math, we are at 73% as of today!

Top 5 Counties Taking Applications:

1)St. Charles527 
5)Boone (HPD)*233

*Hallsville and Ashland Police Departments are the Designees to take Applications in Boone County, with HPD taking 221 and APD taking 12.

What does all this mean?  That over 6201 Missourians have applied for and/or been issued an LTC Permit.  All who have applied (who meet the Qualification Requirements, have their Training Requirement completed, and pass the background check) are now within 45 days of getting their permit.  With this latest news, the lines for training courses, and to fill out LTC applications at the sheriffs' departments, will start to grow.

KC Star and AP Get It Wrong
May 4, 2004

Please Note, this is a story AP picked up from the Kansas City Star writer Kevin Murphy.

In today's St. Louis Post Dispatch, the Associated Press ran the headline:

"Some concealed weapons permits issued without background checks"*

In this story, it states that Hallsville PD Chief Pete Herring was issuing LTC Permits "without background checks."  This is not a true statement.  Chief Herring has received responses on the people to whom he issued LTC Permits.  Chief Herring is following the law to the letter.  He is taking applications and prints and sending them to the Missouri Highway Patrol Criminal Records Division.  The Highway Patrol is then processing the background checks as required by law.  The Missouri background check is one of the most thorough in the country.  When the FBI computer portion of the checks comes back with "No Criminal Record Found," those are forwarded back to the Chief or the respective sheriff who sent them in.  If a criminal record is found, that is forwarded too.  This portion of the background check usually comes back in advance of the fingerprint check.  In addition, the fingerprints are used to be sure the person filling out the application is who they say they are.  But what if they (the applicant) lied on the application you ask?  Well, they have just committed a new crime of perjury, and their LTC Permit is instantly revoked.  Perjury, in case you did not know, is a non-bondable offense.  When arrested on perjury charges, you stay in jail until your trial.  This fact is stated in large bold letters on the bottom of the LTC Permit Application.  I wonder how the KC Star and AP missed that -- and the rest of the story.

73 Counties Now Taking Applications
May 4, 2004

73 Missouri counties are now taking applications, 42 are still on hold.  We've just updated the MO LTC Map.

I love spring!  Both the grass and the map are greening up nicely.  When are the antis going to come to the realization that LTC has not been a problem anywhere it became law?  They are not only threatening suit in every county, they are claiming they *won* in the Missouri Supreme Court.  Now let's see, if 73-42 were a football, baseball, or hockey score, I would say we won.  They must think it's like golf, low score wins. :)  Sorry Mr. Miller and Mr. Newman, wrong again.  There are currently 5400 people who have completed their training and have their applications on file for the Missouri LTC Permit, and more are applying every day.  Criminals know they are ineligible and do not apply.  Besides, what criminal wants to get an LTC Permit in order to practice their trade?  None that I know of.

Lawsuit News - Moniteau, St. Louis Counties
May 4, 2004

Round One To Our Side

In a hearing in the Moniteau County Circuit Court on 5/3/04, a motion was heard and sustained, dismissing Sheriff Jones from the suit.  As you will remember, Sheriff Kenny Jones was the first sheriff in Missouri to implement the new LTC Law by issuing the first permits in the state.  He was rewarded for following the law by being sued in Moniteau County Circuit Court by Mr. Miller and Mr. Newman, representing Plaintiff Barry.

Congratulation Sheriff Jones!

Copies of filings in the St. Louis County and Moniteau County lawsuits are now up, see the "Other LTC Lawsuits" table on the right for the links.  Our Legal Team is reviewing the documents and has stated that the AG's filing of a Motion to Dismiss and Answer is first rate legal work.

1st Level Advanced Courses Now Available
May 4, 2004

Learn To Carry, LLC will be teaching Intermediate CCW Courses on May 29th & 30th at Ozark Shooters.  This is over the Memorial Day Holiday weekend.  Ozark Shooters is 11 miles north of Branson, so there will be a lot of entertainment options for family members not taking the class.  Class size is limited, and you must pre-register and have completed the basic LTC Course to take the Intermediate CCW Course.  This will be a one or two-day course (your choice) costing $150 for the first day or $250 for both days.  Topics covered will include:  choosing the right carry gun and holster, how to Dress for Success, defensive pistol craft skills, use of cover and concealment, and much more.  Plan on bringing approximately 500 rounds of ammunition.  This course will consist mostly of range time with some classroom.  To register, download the Registration & Waiver forms and send them to the address on the bottom of the Registration form.  We will hold your reservation with an email and then send a confirmation when we get your forms.

53 people have passed the Learn To Carry basic LTC Course at Cedar Creek Rod & Gun Club and Ozark Shooters in the past few weeks and have applied for their permits.  In some cases, the LTC Permits were issued in as few as 21 days!

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