Intermediate and Advanced CCW Courses
( Looking for the course needed to get your ccw permit?  Go here instead:  LTC Basic Course )


It takes 3 days to instruct/learn and practice the intermediate pistolcraft skill set. Formerly, we did this as a 3-day course costing $500 and firing approximately 2000 rounds.

Times have changed, and students who have passed the Learn To Carry Basic Course typically want to take advanced training as time and ammo budget allow.

In response to popular demand, we've broken the Intermediate Defensive Pistolcraft Skills Course into 3 convenient one-day sessions: CCW1, CCW2, and CCW3. The cost of each day-long session is $195, and we will fire 500-600 rounds per session. (Students provide their own ammunition.)

Intermediate Defensive Pistolcraft courses CCW1, CCW2, and CCW3 picks up where the LTC Basic course leaves off. In each day's training, you will learn the next level of pistolcraft skills, self-defense tactics, and defensive mindset in an enjoyable one-day format.

Unlike the LTC Basic Course, which is 80% classroom and 20% range time, CCW1, CCW2 and CCW3 are 90% time on the range. Class size is limited to give every individual plenty of personal attention, so sign up early.

(Registration information follows posted schedules.)


One-day (8am-5pm) Advanced CCW Courses
MEET at RANCH HOUSE BBQ, Exit 137 on I-70, Columbia
Ranch House BBQ + Prairie Grove Shotgun Sports - Map
LEVEL 1 - Intermediate CCW Course
To Be Announced

LEVEL 2 - Intermediate CCW Course
To Be Announced

LEVEL 3 - Intermediate CCW Course
To Be Announced


Plan on arriving 15 minutes prior to the start of any course as the class will begin promptly at the time specified.

You must have successfully completed our Basic LTC Course or its equivalent to take any Intermediate or Advanced training. In particular, the legal session is not included - it has already been covered in the LTC qualification course as required by Missouri law.

Intermediate CCW courses cover additional shooting skills, such as drawing from a holster, drawing from concealment, multiple shots, multiple targets, use of cover and concealment, and decision shooting. Decision shooting is emphasized, along with use of cover, concealment, tactical advance and retreat while shooting and/or covering an assailant. Topics covered include: Choosing the right carry gun and holster, how to Dress for Success, defensive pistol craft skills, and much more.

Advanced courses delve deeper into the strategies, tactics and weaponscraft of lethal force encounters.


Plan on bringing approximately 600 rounds of ammunition to any Intermediate or Advanced Level Course as these courses will consist mostly of range time with some classroom.

Bring a safe serviceable holster made for the gun you intend to use. The holster must have the trigger covered when the gun is in the holster and the gun remain in place throughout strenuous movement.

If shooting a semi-auto pistol, bring a minimum of 3 magazines, and more is better. If shooting a revolver, bring a minimum of 3 speedloaders. You will also need a belt holder for your spare mags or speedloaders.

You should also bring water or a hydration unit, hat, sunscreen, and clothing appropriate for all-day outdoor activity, along with hearing and eye protection.


Intermediate and Advanced Level Courses are one-day courses. Course fee is $195. We will gladly accept your personal check, certified funds, or wire transfer.


You must pre-register to attend a course. To pre-register, print and fill out our CCW Course Forms, and mail them along with the course fee to:

2000 East Broadway, Suite 307
Columbia, Missouri 65201

You may also email me or call 573-442-0337, and you will be sent an application. We need to receive your completed application and course fee prior to the date of the course.

Course size is limited! We will also accept course reservations via email (preferred) or by phone which will hold your position until your mailed registration forms arrive. In any event, the registration forms need to be received approximately one week prior to the course you want to take.

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