LDF's Role in the LTC Defense

Kevin Jamison and Tim were talking about how to explain to non lawyers the legal situation, and who represents whom.  People did not understand the roles and the reasons why the various parties on the Defense side of this case had different attorneys watching out for their interests.  Kevin said it simply and best when he wrote the following:

Tell them:

It was considered necessary, a point of honor, to have lawyers representing Missourians in the room.  It was considered possible that a deal might be made in a back room.  We had to have someone representing us in that room.

Tim Oliver took the initiative to get a lawyer in St. Louis who is familiar with this type of law.  [Peter von Gontard of Sandberg, Phoenix & von Gontard]

Lawyers cannot appear in court without a client who has an interest affected by the case.  Tim Oliver took the initiative to find a client for the lawyer.  [Bull's Eye Range, L.L.C.]

The lawyer is being paid to protect our rights.  Bull's Eye Range is symbolically representing us.  This is not a class action lawsuit, however, their interests are ours, and we are using them to represent all of us.

The lawyers are on our side, however, they do this as a business.  They must make a living.  They also have partners who have a call on the time of the lawyers representing us.  Our lawyers are required by the terms of their partnership agreement to bring in money.  To get good lawyers, which we have, we must pay them.  We cannot afford to lose this case.  We cannot afford to hire lawyers who are less than the best.  Lawyers cannot concentrate on a case unless paid.

Tim Oliver stuck his neck out to guarantee the $75,000 legal fees.  The lawyers took his word for it, but will demand cash very soon.

Then say, "It doesn't have to make sense, it's just the law."  People seem to like that.


Thanks for your clarity and humor, Kevin.
-Mona (Tim's webmaster/wife)

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