Post Opinion Motion Filed
March 13, 2004

A Post Opinion Motion was filed late Thursday by Plaintiffs' attorneys Newman & Miller in the Missouri Supreme Court regarding the LTC Law, case number SC85674.  My analysis is that Miller and Newman are saying the Court erred in their Opinion of February 26, 2004, and are asking for the Hancock issues to be reheard by the MOSC -- further, they are asking for their attorneys' fees to be paid by the State.  After consultation with the Legal Team, it appears that this Motion may have also been filed in order to keep the Opinion and Mandate from becoming final on Friday.

A copy of the Post Opinion Motion* has been posted.

While Mr. Miller and Mr. Newman are busy trying to keep Missouri a safe place for violent criminals to engage in their work, a De Soto man, who can now carry legally in the passenger compartment of his car, used his weapon to insure his own safety (see story*).  This is how LTC Laws are deterring violent crime in 47 other states.

I have to wonder, if this had happened to Mr. Miller or Mr. Newman, how effective a defense of their lives would the Hancock Amendment have made.  Surely any knowledgeable criminal would run away immediately in grave fear of being sued.

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