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September 24, 2003

I was just asked to be on Don Stamper's live radio talk show at 6 p.m., Friday, Sept. 26, 2003.  The show will be broadcast on KFRU 1400 AM just before the ballgame, and should be able to be heard throughout most of the state.  Please tune in, call in, and support the new License-To-Carry law.

September 21, 2003

The new License-to-Carry law is a substantial change to Missouri's current ban on carrying concealed weapons.  The law goes into effect October 11, 2003, and many sheriffs will be ready with application forms on October 14, 2003.

Please do not contact your sheriff about a license to carry prior to the effective date.

Representative Larry Crawford and the Missouri Sheriffs' Association invited Greg Jeffery and myself to a meeting on the 19th at the Missouri Sheriffs' Association Building in Jefferson City, Missouri.  The Executive Director of the Missouri Sheriffs' Association, Jim Vermeersch, along with members of the MSA Board of Directors, Department of Revenue, Legislative Research, the Missouri Highway Patrol, and St. Louis County Police Department were present.

The purpose of the meeting was to discuss how to implement this law and be prepared for the onrush of applications on October 14, 2003.  This is a monumental task for the Missouri Sheriffs' Association and local sheriffs.  There are many forms and documents that need to be created, printed and ready when the law takes effect.  Sheriffs at the meeting were saying they were being absolutely flooded with phone calls.  Calling your sheriff prior to the implementation date will merely take up his time and slow down the process.  At the meeting, the discussion was ALL positive and forward-looking on implementing this law.  I saw no evidence of the various organizations dragging their feet or trying to figure out how to avoid implementing the new law.  Law enforcement organizations that, at times, opposed this law are now working diligently to implement it.  It is their duty to enforce the laws of the State of Missouri.  License-to-Carry will be the law in the State of Missouri as of October 11.

The meeting lasted nearly 3 hours.  Afterwards, Representative Larry Crawford, Greg Jeffery and I discussed the meeting.  We all thought it was a very positive experience and were happy with the progress being made.  At least one agency in the metropolitan area discussed announcing a temporary place to accept applications and fingerprints at a location with easy access, plenty of parking, and remote to their headquarters and substations to speed the progress and make it convenient for those applying for a License-to-Carry permit.

Sheriff Ted Boehm of Boone County has stated to me that he intends to be ready to accept applications the first day the law goes into effect.

While it has taken 12 years of political struggle for Missouri citizens to enjoy the right to self defense available in 44 other states, it is now well underway.  It has taken the work of a number of Legislators and dedicated individuals, and all who voted to elect pro-LTC Legislators, to bring this about.  A special thanks goes to State Representative Larry Crawford and Senator Harold Caskey.  In the near future, there will be listed at this site the Legislators who made it possible to pass the bill and override Governor Holden's veto this year.  Please remember during the upcoming campaign season who our friends are and support them with your time, efforts, and campaign contributions.  Remember, too, who vetoed this bill on "Dependance Day," July 3, 2003:


It has been confirmed through multiple sources at the Capitol that Governor Bob Holden intends to veto HB 349, "License To Carry" today (July 3, 2003) in St. Louis.  The Governor is traveling with his ARMED security detail from the Missouri Highway Patrol to a Webster Groves (St. Louis County) park to declare "Dependence Day".  Just as he Depends on his armed security escort, he want to keep the citizens in Missouri dependent on armed law enforcement officers when a citizen's life is at risk.  Unfortunately, as we saw again in Jefferson City the night before last, if you are the victim of a violent crime, no one is going to be there in time to help.  "Dependence Day" is a dark day in Missouri history and will be remembered far into the future, well past the next election, and the one after that, and the one after that.  Those lawmakers who support Governor Holden's stance against "License To Carry" will become a smaller and smaller minority, just as they have over the last four years in the Missouri House and Senate.  We look forward to the Veto Override Session in September to show Governor Holden we do not want his kind of dependence on the State to protect us.  We want Independence and a "License to Carry", which would give us the the ability to protect ourselves, our family, our friends and our co-workers, should evil come our way.

Tim Oliver
July 3, 2003

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